Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kindergarten Land

Well since my lovely friend Brittany is the ONLY person who reads this blog, these pictures are really for you my dear. I told you I would try to post classroom pics and I'm finally getting around to it. I was blessed to inherit a FABULOUS Kindergarten room this year. A veteran teacher moved to Australia and I was next in line for her room! It is amazing because this year I have 29 students...a far cry from 19 just 2 years ago. Let's just say, I am EXHAUSTED every single day.

This is the view from the door!

Free choice area where the Kitchen spot...let me tell you!

The Rainbow word club and Letter board.

My soup can is awesome! An original creation!

It is now covered with ladybugs (my kiddos) to show their jobs for the week!

So fun!

Calendar time!

The view from my office!

And there you have it! Hopefully you can now get a sense of where I am everyday! It's a lot messier now that the kiddos are here all the time, but it wouldn't be a real kinder room without a little mess!!

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BrittanyB said...

I love your room! It's so cute, and I can totally picture you in there now ;) Thank you for humoring me with another post.